10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have

No matter if you are new to fitness or a seasoned pro, we have a list of the best fitness gadgets that will knock your socks off! So without further ado here are our top ten cool fitness gadgets you must have.

Kettlebell Grip

We’ll kick-off with one of our favorite fitness gadgets: the adjustable Kettlebell Grip. This is an amazing training tool that turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell. Attach the Kettlebell Grip to any dumbbell and take your workout to another level. Maximize your weights usage and save money on buying kettlebells.

Size: 27.5 cm x 20.65cm x 4.5cm

Package content: 1 x Adjustable Kettle Bell

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have
10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have

9-In-One Push Up Board

No this isn’t a new version of Twister, this is one pushup machine for the books. Adjust the push-up handles according to pre-defined colored patterns which allows you to target specific muscle sets (e.g. red is for shoulders and green is for triceps, etc.).

Size: 595mm x 180mm x 22mm

Package content: 1 x Set of push up board

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have
10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have

Crossfit Jump Rope

This isn’t your sister’s jump rope. You won’t believe us how effective this heavy jump rope is. Made from top-shelf polyester fiber, this jump rope won’t tear or fray, even on destructive surfaces such as concrete.  Its toughness also makes it an ideal jump rope for street workouts because it can take a beating. Heat-shrink handles provide a comfortable, protective grip for your hands. Boost your coordination, agility, endurance, and reflexes all while getting a great leg workout. 

Material: Woven Rope


Weight: 1.2 kg

Rope Diameter:25mm

Package Content: 1x Crossfit Jump Rope

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have
10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have

Occlusion Fitness Bands

Ok, this gadget is recommended for experienced weight lifters.  Are you familiar with BFR (blood flow restriction training)? BFR is a type of workout approach where a band is applied to a certain muscle while performing aerobic or resistance training in order to accelerate muscle strength and gain. Made of premium neoprene which expands and contracts with your movement and always provides full 360 degrees of pressure.  It’s simple to put on and its quick-release buckle allows for easy release.

Size: Armbands: 60cm x 3cm/ Leg bands: 100cm x 5cm

Package content: 2x armbands and 2x leg band or 2 armbands and 2 leg bands

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have

Multifunctional Abs Wheel

Now its time to work out your core and abdominal muscles. Made of high-quality materials, this unique tied-wheel design allows you to work out effectively.  While your knees rest comfortably on pads, you alternate pushing and pulling the abs wheel, which is connected to the pads with strong rubber tubing thus providing concentrated resistance.  This is an optimal fitness gadget for core, arms/shoulders, and abdominal muscles.

Size: Strip Length: 35-95cm(stretched)  / Kneeboard Size: 42*14*4.5cm

Package Content: 1 x set of AB Wheel Muscle Trainer

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have


Have you used grip trainers before to build your forearms?  These gyro balls are more comfortable. They will work out your wrist and forearm and increase circulation and blood flow.  Pull the string to get started and spin the ball in your hand, building resistance. This is great for your forearm muscles and tendons as it will increase the necessary blood flow and decrease the chance of future injury.

Comes different colors: Black, blue, orange, purple, dark grey

Package content: 1 x Strengthener Force Power Wrist Ball

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have

Slimming Belt

This slimming belt helps compress the tummy and waist area, providing a “passive workout.”  Combine these belts with actual exercise and you have a secret weapon! Made of top-notch neoprene, this belt conforms perfectly to your body’s form without suffocating you in the process.  Because of the “sauna effect” it provides, this built has proven itself in promoting fat burning. Along the way, it also provides excellent lower back support and promotes better posture.


(S) : Waist 60cm-68cm

(M) : Waist 69cm-73cm

(L) : Waist 73cm-82cm

(XL) : Waist 83cm-85cm

(2XL) : Waist 86cm-90cm

(3XL) : Waist 90cm-100cm

Package content: 1 x Slimming Belt

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have

Wrist Roller Exerciser Trainer

The wrist roller has proven itself as a must-have gadget for forearm muscle development. Built with a strong pulley system this is a very flexible exercise tool. Attach weights based on your exercise needs and watch your forearms grow. The design allows you to put different weights that cater to your training needs. Its compact and portable design allows you to carry it conveniently anywhere you go.

Size: Handle: 39cm x 3 cm/ Sling: 116cm

Package content: 1 x Wrist Roller Exerciser Trainer

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have

Inner Thigh Hip Exerciser

This is a great gadget for those tough to reach inner legs muscles. This definitely helps develop the pelvic floor muscles, inner thighs, lower back, and hips. It also helps make your buttocks firmer and more toned.  Try it out and notice the great results-you won’t be disappointed.

Comes in six different colors: black, red, blue, green purple, and orange

Material: PVC soft rubber/ elastic carbon steel/ steel plate

Package content: 1 x Pelvic Floor Inner Thigh Hip Exerciser

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have
10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have

Arm Blaster

The arm blaster is a piece of curved aluminum with a strap that goes around your neck.  They have been around for decades and have made a comeback lately. It is a great way to keep a symmetrical form when weight lifting.  Keeping your arms in fixed positions it allows you to isolate specific muscle groups for a more effective workout. This is a great fitness gadget.

Color: black, gray, red, and yellow

Material: aluminum alloy

Size: 10cm x 4cm x 59cm/ Weight: 0.7kg

Package content: 1 x Weightlifting Adjustable Arm Blaster

10 Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have
Cool Fitness Gadgets You Must Have
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