4 Ways About Fitbit Inspire To Work Like A Pro

Fitbit Inspire

The Fitbit Inspire is a very slim, sleek and water-resistant fitness tracking device that offers several additional features to customize the look and performance of the device. The Fitbit Inspire offers basic activities-and-sleep-monitoring for just a bit more money than the Fitbit Charge HR, but it does miss out on some important features, including the heart-rate monitor as indicated by the device name.

tips on how to recognize a good Fitbit Inspire
4 Ways About Fitbit Inspire To Work Like A Pro

While Fitbit has been the leader in heart rate monitor watches, Fitbit has not been the leader in heart-rate monitors themselves. When the Fitbit Charge HR was released, Fitbit was left behind and came out with the Fitbit Insignia. Fitbit claims the Insignia is the most effective heart rate monitor in the market today. That is probably the result of the fact that it is only available to those who are in need of a heart rate monitor, and not a general heart monitor.

Functions of Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit was able to capitalize on the surge of popularity for their new heart rate monitor technology by marketing it to both the health and fitness crowd and those who are looking for a more aesthetic device. That being said, I personally do not believe the Fitbit Insignia is the right device for everyone, because there are so many additional features that may appeal to different types of users.

For example, the new high-tech heart rate monitor watch from Fitbit has a step counter that can be customized for each user. It can display a step count on the clock face with the push of a single button, or it can also be displayed on the computer screen.

In addition to the step counter, Fitbit also offers a heart rate monitor, which can display the pulse rate as well as the duration of the run or swim, how long you spent at a gym, or how long you have been at rest. {if. The watch also has an advanced calorie count that can be programmed in advance.

It can also monitor your sleep habits as well. There is also an advanced alarm clock that can help you track your sleeping patterns, helping you stay on schedule when it comes to your sleep cycles.

The setback of the Fitbit Inspire

The Fitbit Inspire is not without a few drawbacks, however. First, it does not come with GPS. GPS like the Charge HR does, which means you will have to purchase the GPS separately to use the watch. Second, the battery life of the watch is not that great.

Lastly, the watch is sold only by a few fitness retailers and the actual company that manufactures the Fitbit Watch has not yet launched it. I would recommend waiting for Fitbit to launch their new line of heart rate monitors.

If you are looking for a device that is easy to use, accurate, and has many features, then Fitbit’s Insignia is a good choice. However, if you are looking for something that is more aesthetically appealing or a bit more complicated and sophisticated, you may want to go with a Fitbit Heart Rate Watch instead.


You will find that the Fitbit is much more expensive than the cheaper Heart Rate watch, but it has many of the same capabilities and features as the more expensive watch. {if the watch has GPS and if you want to use it with the Charge HR. You will find that the more expensive model is also slightly heavier, however, and is harder to wear and does not fit comfortably in some women’s handbags.

If you are interested in buying a Fitbit watch, then I would definitely check out the official website and read all of their reviews before you make your purchase. I would recommend that you also consider doing an online search to find out what other people think about the watch you are considering.


how to use a Fitbit Inspire
4 Ways About Fitbit Inspire To Work Like A Pro

Overall, the Fitbit Inspire is a good product and I would recommend it if you are interested in a good heart rate monitor watch. As mentioned before, I would not buy one just for the price.

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