5 Leg Exercises For A Toned And Strong Leg


Who doesn’t want to have lovely and toned legs? I am sure all the ladies out there dream about thoroughly toned legs. But you can’t get that just by dreaming. For that, you have to work hard and do some leg exercises every day. Let’s check out the exercises that will provide you with perfectly shaped legs.

Goblet Squat Leg Exercises

By doing 3 sets, each set with 12 repetitions, you can get toned legs and thighs. Besides that, the hip flexors, hamstrings, calves, quad, and gluteal muscles will be strong than before. Hold a kettlebell with your hand in front of your chest and keep your legs apart with a hip-width distance between the two. Pushing your hips backward and bending your knees, start doing the squats and stand up again.

Romanian Deadlift

If you want to make your legs strong and build muscle, doing 3 sets of Romanian Deadlift with 12 repetitions in each set will do wonders for you. It also makes the hip joint, glutes, and hamstrings strong and lean. You can do this exercise by holding a kettlebell with 2 hands or 1 dumbbell in each hand. Hold it near the thigh and bending your waist, lower the kettlebell or the dumbbells to the floor and then come up to the original position.

5 Leg Exercises For A Toned And Strong Leg
5 Leg Exercises For A Toned And Strong Leg

Leg Press

This exercise is ideal for working out the pouter thighs. Just make sure that you do not take the sled to a very low position as this will curl up the lower spine.  It is recommended to do free-weight exercises for legs before starting with leg press and you can do about 3 sets with 8 repetitions in each set. You can merge this exercise with different methods like drop sets or rest-pause to boost your intensity.

5 Leg Exercises For A Toned And Strong Leg
5 Leg Exercises For A Toned And Strong Leg

Lateral Lunge Leg Exercises

Willing to make your hamstrings, glutes as well as quadriceps better? Then opt for the lateral lunge. You should practice this variant of the normal lunge every day. 3 sets with 12 repetitions for each leg are the ideal for great legs. Clasp your hands in front of you and stand with the hip-width distance between the two legs. Now push one leg as far as you can and bend your knee and take your body to lower position so that the knee makes a 90-degree angle and then come back to the original position. Repeat this process for another leg.

Step Up

Coming with different types of variations, this particular exercise targets your glutes as well as quadriceps. If there is a platform that is half of your shin height, use this for stepping up and down. Not only the glutes, thighs, and hips will be strong through this exercise, but you will get a great balance. If you are looking for a unilateral exercise, then step-up is just perfect.

Thus, now you know which exercises you have to practice daily. So start from today itself with just 1 set of each exercise. Then keep on increasing the set as well as repetitions with time.

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