6 Best Iphone Fitness Accessories For Genz

iphone fitness accessories

For a long and healthy life, one should stay fit, and for this, you need to keep yourself motivated to do fitness exercises. But for exercises and workouts, you need some fitness accessories, which will better help you track your activities and keep you charged.

Here I’ll tell you about some good iPhone fitness accessories that are worth buying for a fitness lover like you. Furthermore, they also help you to stay fit and healthy by keeping you on track.

Fitbit Charge 3:

It is one of the best fitness activity trackers when it comes to fitness accessories. From its trendy design to its efficient working, it never disappoints.

It can track more than 15 exercises like swimming, yoga, biking, running, and much more. Another good thing about it is that it can monitor your sleep and provide you with helpful guidance.

It’s waterproof, and another quality is that it has a good battery life, which can last up to 6 to 7 hours that means you don’t have to worry about its battery to end.


A woman wearing a blue shirt

It is a wireless scale that keeps track of your body weight. Your body analytics data will be uploaded on an online portal from where you can download it on your iPhone.

Rookie Smart Jump Rope:

It’s a rookie version of Tangram factory smart jump rope. With an adjustable length of up to nine feet and 10 inches. It will update you on your jump count, burnt calories, and your jumping time.

Beats X:

This is a wireless Bluetooth earphone. Listening to music when doing exercise will make you enjoy your workout sessions more, and this way, you give your fitness 100 percent.

It has soft earbuds that comfortably fit in your ears without irritating you, high sound quality, and a good battery lifespan, so you don’t have to charge it frequently.

Withing Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor:

This wireless BP monitor will check your pulse rate and keep track of it in its health mate app. It shows colored results of your pulse rate and gives helpful advice for your blood pressure monitoring. It uploads your result on an online website.

Wahoo Fitness Bike Case:

This device will turn your iPhone into a cycling GPS. It is shipped with a wahoo key and bike mounting key.


So now you know about fitness accessories that will help you track your activities and keep you updated, so what is now stopping you from being healthy and looking fit and beautiful. Start your fitness journey with these fitness accessories, lots of exercise, and workout sessions so that you’ll have a long and healthy life ahead because when you are healthy, everything looks good. Have a good fitness journey.

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