7 Must-Buy Pieces Of Fitness Equipment For Home Gym

Fitness Equipment For Home Gym

Many fitness freaks love doing their everyday workout at home instead of a gym. While many find it advantageous to invest in fitness equipment to avoid lifetime gym memberships, others start a home gym for a business purpose. No matter which category you belong to, every home gym requires certain fitness equipment to carry or let others carry an optimal workout routine. Given here is a list of must-buy fitness equipment for home gym.


Dumbbells are one of the most essential fitness equipment for home gym. A set of dumbbells allows you to do strength-training exercises for various body parts including chest, arms, legs, etc. Choose a weight for the dumbbells according to your fitness level. If you need something for heavy exercises, invest in a set of 8 pounds and 10-pound dumbbells.

Fitness Equipment For Home
7 Must-Buy Pieces Of Fitness Equipment For Home Gym

Resistance Bands

If you don’t like dumbbells when it comes to building muscles, you can rely on resistance bands. Resistance bands are more portable than dumbbells and are also a lot cheaper. So, they make for a perfect choice for fitness conscious people who have a strict budget. No matter whether you want to do heavy exercises or light exercises, resistance bands will solve the purpose.


Barbells can’t be missed when it comes to must-buy fitness equipment for home gymIdeal for heavy compound lifts,barbells will allow you to do a plethora of exercises just like dumbbells. They are also better than expensive machines in many ways. Look for a high-quality, sturdy, and affordable barbell. Make sure to consider the length and diameter of the bar before buying it.

Exercise Mat

This will help you to do your yoga poses and abs workout hassle-free. If you have a hard floor, look for a thicker mat that will offer subtle cushioning. The mat should be portable enough so that you can carry it anywhere hassle-free.


It goes without saying a treadmill is a perfect investment for any home gym. A home treadmill will allow you to run anytime without leaving the comfort of your home. Consider the belt size and features of the treadmill you are about to buy. Make sure the control panel of the equipment is user-friendly and approachable. Also, check stability and speed along with extra features like a heart rate monitor.

Jump Rope

It’s a great exercise that targets your core, arms, and legs. It is a great way to get your heart pumping faster. Well, there are many types of jump ropes available out there including a fabric jump rope, leather jump rope, plastic rope, rope with plastic beads, weighted jump ropes, and steel cable jump rope.

Fitness Equipment For Home Gym
7 Must-Buy Pieces Of Fitness Equipment For Home Gym
  • Fabric Jump Rope – It is a decent rope but is not good for speed workouts or people practicing aerobic conditioning.
  • Leather Jump Rope – It boosts leg speed and also enhances coordination.
  • Plastic Jump Rope – It is good for beginners but not the one whose objective is just speed.
  • Jump Rope With Plastic Beads – This rope is ideal for beginners. However, its drawback is that the rope with beads can break easily.
  • Weighted Jump Rope – It allows you to add weights on the rope.
  • Steel Jump Rope – This rope is ideal for people who love doing double jumps.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is ideal for a whole-body workout. The machine helps you get strong muscles and allows you to burn sufficient calories. It is a perfect choice for those who have back pain or strain. Look for a rowing machine with a padded seat and anti-slip handlebars and pedals. Get a machine with an LCD monitor that displays the distance, calories burnt, heart rate, etc. Many models also allow you to watch TV while rowing.

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