8 Fitness Activities For Kids Of All Ages

Fitness Activities For Kids Of All Ages

There is no denying the fact that kids’ health needs more attention than adults. The mind and body of kids are constantly developing and both need to be exercised to help achieve optimal health. When it comes to kid’s physical fitness, there are a lot of activities that can help your kiddo get moving. Here are our top fitness activities for kids that are perfect for children of all ages.

Weekend Dance Party

Kids love to dance and what can be better than playing their favorite music now and then and get them moving? Parents can conduct a kid’s dance party every Saturday night to make their kiddos exercise in a fun way. Arrange a dance stage and set up a disco ball for a complete party-like setting. Make sure to invite your kids’ friends to the party.

Fun Fitness Activities For Kids
8 Fitness Activities For Kids Of All Ages

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the simplest fitness activities for kids. Give your children a jumping rope and ask them to jump 200 times in one go. Beginners can complete a session of 100 jumps. Opt for a playground or hall rather than a terrace for this amazing activity.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a perfect blend of physical activity and fun. No matter whether you conduct the hunt outdoors or indoors, it is a great way to make children active physically. Plan the hunt across a large area, hiding things in different places. Drop a puzzle at every place and let kids solve the puzzles and acquire things you have hidden. Make sure to set a time so that kids can have a good run and complete the game as early as they can.

Badminton Competition

Sport is undoubtedly one of the best fitness activities. Sports like badminton make for an ideal cardio exercise for belly fat, arms, and legs. Conduct a badminton competition on alternate days and let your children participate with great enthusiasm. This will not only help them exercise their body but will also improve their gaming skills. Don’t forget to give away a special prize to the winner of the game!

Animal Race

Add an interesting twist to a conventional race to let your kiddos run with excitement. Conduct an animal race from time to time and make children run from one place to another. You can think of animals like frog, crab, cheetah, kangaroo, etc. Let kids imitate the animals and run or walk like the ones assigned to them. Something that’s one of the funniest and most engaging fitness activities for kids!

Freeze Dance

Freeze dance is an interesting game that involves a lot of movements while adding an interesting twist to regular dancing. Conduct this game by gathering your kids and ask them to dance when the music begins and freeze in their pose whenever the music stops. Keep playing and pausing the music until your kiddos have enough movement.


Fitness Activities For Kids
8 Fitness Activities For Kids Of All Ages

As a great aerobic exercise, swimming is sure to make your children active. If you have a private swimming pool, ask your kids to swim at least an hour every day. You can also send them to swimming classes in the locality. Making them learn how to swim will not only make them physically active but will also allow them to participate in swimming competitions.


Many children are fond of skating because it’s fun and engaging. If your children know how to skate, they would love to skate every day. However, if they are new to it, you can send them to a skating class or you can yourself teach them. Skating will strengthen their core and lower back muscles and also improve coordination and balance.

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