6 Things To Know About Weight Loss

If you are confused about weight loss and find yourself struggling with losing weight, then you need to know some important facts about this journey. On some days, you might find your weighing machine surprising you with a low number and the next day, the number just hikes up, for no apparent reason. Weight fluctuates daily and only slowly will you find a gradual reduction. Here are 6 interesting things to know about weight loss.

6 Things To Know About Weight Loss
6 Things To Know About Weight Loss

6 Things About Weight Loss You Must Know

Inch Loss

It is always better to go by measurements than by the scale to know whether you are losing weight or not. Many factors like incomplete bowel clearance, water retention or a heavy dinner affect your weight the next morning. If you are on a journey to lose weight and find these fluctuations annoying, then you should depend more upon the measurements.

6 Things To Know About Weight Loss
6 Things To Know About Weight Loss


Weight loss is all about moderation. You should never let this take over your life and steal away all the joys from your life. If you starve yourself every day, you are bound to bounce back a few months later and regain all the lost weight. What is best is to eat everything you like, but in small and moderate quantities?

Good Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

If you are hitting the gym every day to get your six-pack abs or a well-defined abdomen, then you should know that you need to follow a strict diet plan too. An occasional cheat day is fine. But you cannot gorge over junk food all the time, thinking that you are hitting it hard in the gym. If you want defined abs soon, you will have to cut out the junk. If you think that you will burn more calories in the gym, but eat all you want, then it is impossible to get six-pack abs.

Weight Loss Does Not Mean That You Should Starve Yourself

Do not get into the idea that weight loss means starving yourself. You will eventually lose out on muscle mass and stamina if you lose weight quickly without eating. You need to eat the right food, at the right time and in the right quantity. Foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, lean meat, nuts, greens, etc., should be taken in sufficient amounts to ensure that you get all the nutrients. Cut out sugar, deep-fried foods, and processed foods from your diet.

Only Cardio Cannot Make You Lose Weight

Hitting the treadmill or stationary bike every day for more than 30 minutes will not make you lose weight. You need to have the right combination of strength training, deadlifts, weight training, and cardio to lose weight.

Reduce Stress And Sleep More

Lack of sleep and lots of stress also affect weight gain. Stress affects your metabolism in a negative way. It also leads to comfort eating, thereby making you gain weight. The body burns the maximum calories when a person sleeps and hence you should sleep for a good eight hours every day to lose weight in the right way.

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