Beginners Guide To Develop A Workout Routine

Beginners Guide To Develop A Workout Routine

We all love working out but never find time and energy to do it. Honestly, we try and come up with excuses to avoid it. Exercise does not necessarily mean going to the gym and spending time with the treadmill. Following the same style of workout gets boring and also the main reason for dropout. Hence, as a beginner, it is important to develop a routine that is fun and easy.

When you are building a workout routine consider the below factors. These factors make your workout plan effective and fun to follow.

Beginners Guide To Develop A Workout Routine
Beginners Guide To Develop A Workout Routine


The first factor to take into account when preparing a workout schedule is consistency. This is very important for getting an effective result. As a beginner, you need not start working out every day of the week. Choose the days on which you prefer to train and days you would like to rest. For example, if Mondays are a busy part of the week, exclude it from workout days.

The next step is choosing a time of day when you prefer to work out. This can be early in the morning or late evenings. Write the time against each day to want to work out.

It is said that it takes 15 – 30 days for a person to develop any habit. So stick to your schedule for at least fifteen days to see whether it works for you. Consistency is the key to getting the desired result.

Active Recovery Day

The second factor in developing a workout schedule is to include recovery activities. You need not do intense training back to back; instead, take rest by involving in recovery activities. Active recovery days are meant to help you and your body recovers from intense training. These days keep your routine simple, the best example of recovery activity would be walking and yoga.

One advantage of including recovery days into your schedule is to maintain a habit of working out. Pick one to two days out of your week for recovery activities.

Beginners Guide To Develop A Workout Routine
Beginners Guide To Develop A Workout Routine

Keep It Interesting

When it comes to working out motivation is highly needed. Avoid following the same workout pattern throughout the week. Doing the same thing over and over is boring and can cause bodily injury. If you are serious about working out try and include different activities.

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Mix activities like running with jogging or brisk walking. Good mix of activities will keep your workout schedule interesting to follow. Further, it will help you built strength and endurance.

Challenge Yourself And Keep Records

A final factor in developing a working out schedule is to challenge yourself. Gradually try and make your routine harder, if you were running for 5 miles, increase it for 6 miles after 10 days. In this way, you motivate to continue with the routine and also keeps it exciting.

In addition to this, track and keep a record of your workout routine. This will help you understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Based on this information you can make adjustments to the routine. Keeping records is beneficial because you can decide whether or not to proceed with the routine.

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