Best Food To Eat When You Are Working Out

Best Food To Eat When You Are Working Out

Being physically fit is essential for living a healthy life. And In order to achieve this, you need to do two things. First, you need to eat nutritious food. Secondly, you need to develop a workout routine and exercise regularly. Food and working out go hand in hand. What you eat is not only linked to your health but also how you perform.

Experts believe eating pre-workout is as important as post-workout. Good nutritious food help you perform better during a workout session. Further, it also helps in the recovery of muscles post working out.

Best Food To Eat When You Are Working Out
Best Food To Eat When You Are Working Out

What To Eat Before Working Out?

Knowing what to eat before working out is important because it provides you with strength and energy. The meal that you have before working must contain carbohydrates, proteins, and good fat. The ratio of these micronutrients varies depending on a person and type of exercise.

Each of these nutrients contains something that you need to perform better. Muscles depend on glucose present in carbohydrates for instant energy. So it is very important that you consume moderately digesting carbohydrate-containing food. Oatmeal, bread, rice, and whole wheat are a good source of carbohydrates that you can eat pre-workout sessions.

In addition to this, your food should contain proteins. Proteins can be consumed alone or with carbohydrates. Eating proteins before working out has been shown to increase muscle performance, strength, and recovery.

The last part that your meal should contain is low fat. Fat is the source of fuel for a longer workout session. Grilled chicken is an ideal pre-workout food. However, avoid eating fried and greasy food before working out. Further, do not forget to include fluids into your balanced meal. Fluids can be as simple as water and homemade fruit juice. Ensure to eat balanced meals 2–3 hours before working out.

Best Food to eat when you are working out
Best Food to eat when you are working out

What To Eat After Working Out?

Eating a balanced meal after exercise can help in muscle recovery and prepare your body for the next session. When you are working out, your muscles use glycogen stored as fuel. Hence, it is necessary to refuel it and repair damaged muscle protein.

Eating the right meal containing carbohydrates and protein in the ration 3:1 is ideal. This helps in increasing glycogen storage and muscle repairs.

The best time to eat a balanced meal post-workout is within 45 minutes of exercising. This may be extended which depends on the timing of pre-workout meal consumption.

Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables, Greek yogurt, berries and granola, pita bread with hummus, Tuna and crackers are some examples of easy meals that you can have post-workout.

Drinking-Water During A Workout

A common question among workout enthusiasts is whether one can drink water during working out. Drinking water is highly recommended because it works as a cooling effect. Drinking water is ideal during a workout session as it keeps you hydrated. Even a trained athlete can underperform due to dehydration. Keeping yourself hydrated is important in all three in stages of workout that is pre, during, and post-workout session.

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