Burning Belly Fat: 10 Exercises Without Running

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There are a lot of people who want to be fit and healthy as well as maintain a good physique. Some of us tend to perform various exercises to burn all the extra fat present in the body. The excess fat present in the body causes a lot of diseases and keeps the body unhealthy. There are a few exercises that help in Burning Belly Fat without running or jogging. Some of the activities are common yet provide amazing results. With regular exercising and maintaining a proper diet, one can quickly come back in shape.

Burning Belly Fat: 10 Exercises Without Running
Burning Belly Fat: 10 Exercises Without Running

Burning Belly Fat: Ten Different Ways

Belly Fat is not a good sign of health or fitness. With belly fat comes to a lot of complexions. It states that a person is not leading a healthy lifestyle. However, these few exercises will help one burn belly fat without running.

Burning Belly Fat: 10 Exercises Without Running
Burning Belly Fat: 10 Exercises Without Running


Push-Ups is by far, one of the best ways to reduce belly fat. The immense pressure one needs to perform push-ups helps in burning belly fat.

Burning Belly Fat: Burpee

It is a tough exercise that consists of a lot of physical stress. This exercise helps in reducing belly fast real quick. However, one has to be dedicated to this exercise and practice it regularly.

Mountain Climber

This particular exercise might seem easy, but after two to three rounds, the stomach portion, as well as shoulders and thighs, start to pain. However, it is a beneficial exercise for reducing belly fat.


Crunches are one of the toughest exercises, especially if you are a newcomer or beginner. However, it helps in creating immense pressure on the stomach burning all the extra fat and leading towards the perfect physique.

Burning Belly Fat: Forearm Plank

This exercise is easy-to-look and hard to perform. It is resting the whole body on the arm and the toes. It helps in burning belly fat as well as other fat particles present in the thigh and hip region.

Sumo Squat

It is another form of Squat which helps in reducing the thigh fat and the high fat. This exercise is inspired by the sumo wrestlers who perform their patent steps. If done for a fixed time, it is a beneficial exercise.

Sprinter Sit-Ups

Sprinter Sit-ups are a deadly combination of sit-ups while balancing the whole body on the hips. It is a fast way to reduce belly fat.

Burning Belly Fat: Bicycle Crunches

This exercise is tough and drains out most of the energy of the body. However, practicing this exercise regularly you to reduce belly fat real quick as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Swimming is the easiest and one of the most effective exercises to reduce belly fat. It helps one to maintain the perfect shape as well as improves the body to grow.

Rope Jumping

Rope Jumping is a tiring exercise yet very much useful in burning fat and keeping the body healthy. Almost all the athletes of various fields practice rope jumping to stay healthy and energized.

Burning Belly Fat: Conclusion

These were the ten exercises one can perform to burn belly fat even without running. The activities are very much active, and the results have always been positive.

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