Cardio Workout Plan to Lose Weight Fast

cardio workout plan

What exactly is Cardio Workout or Cardio Exercise? It’s better known as aerobic exercise. It’s one of just two ways of working out your whole body, the other being anaerobic exercise (with no oxygen). The term aerobic simply means oxygen. Any exercise where you get the same amount of calories that you would without aerobics, aerobic exercise is considered to be good for you.

If you’re unfamiliar with what cardio workout plan we are talking about, it’s essentially the total amount of time you spend in a stationary position, or in exercise such as walking, jogging, or running. There are two different types of exercise plans you can follow when it comes to building up your endurance. They are known as interval training and steady-state cardio workouts. So, which of these two should you follow?

An Overview

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Interval Training plans are best for people who want to increase their stamina by making small increases in their current activity level over a short period. An example would be jogging up to ten rounds of sprinting. On your first round you might run the next three rounds at one-minute intervals, and after the third round, walk the remaining three rounds at one-mile intervals. You’d go through the motions again, but in that time between each set of sprints, you’d walk one mile. This would certainly be a good cardio workout plan if you have limited endurance.

Steady State Cardiovascular fitness is built over a lot longer periods. Therefore, it requires a lot more effort than just jogging up to a pace where you’re exhausted after four minutes. To prepare yourself mentally for this type of workout, it is recommended you do some form of steady-state cardiovascular exercise, like jogging or walking briskly for at least five minutes. Then, switch to a moderate pace for your second round. This will increase your stamina drastically.

Cardio Workout Plan to Lose Weight

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Three Sets of Repetitions of Exercises Most gym workouts consist of three sets of exercises performed on a treadmill or elliptical. These are generally used because they offer a moderate-intensity workout, so the body can be kept focused on your goal – to burn calories and fat. When you perform these types of routines, however, it is important to always change up your reps so you burn different amounts of calories. For example, you may switch up from three reps with fifty seconds of rest to six reps with sixty seconds of rest. By changing up the order of your exercises, you will keep your body focused on burning different amounts of calories and burning different types of fat at the same time.

Power Skating Aerobic exercises performed at a high intensity are also excellent for burning calories. Some examples include power skating, which is essentially figure skating done at an extreme level. This can burn about seven thousand calories, and it can also target the lower body. Some athletes choose to perform these exercises in a speed skater costume, which can look very sexy. For those who don’t want to go as far as a speed skater costume, other exercises are just as intense and will still produce excellent results. For example, lateral speed skaters can use their upper bodies to move at a fast pace on the ice.

Stationary Bike Workouts This type of exercise involves using a bicycle and working your entire body weight in a slow, continuous motion. It is a good exercise because it can work all of your muscles at the same time. The most important thing to remember when performing this exercise is to complete the workout in a comfortable environment, with no sudden, intense movement. Begin by making a simple, controlled motion, such as kicking, and then gradually increase the speed as you feel stronger.

Bottom Line

The above three cardio workouts are great for getting rid of unwanted flab, but they do not burn nearly enough calories to lose weight. An effective way to burn calories is to burn off more calories through activity. To do so, you need to find an activity that you enjoy, so that you’ll keep at it, and you also need to get started. You have thirty minutes every morning and evening, so try to make at least one activity a part of each of your thirty minutes. If you have trouble staying motivated, or just don’t think you have the energy to keep at it, start with something easy. After a few weeks of doing this type of cardio workout plan, you should start to see results.

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