Child’s Game: Why Parents Should Watch It

The importance of watching your child's games


My parents were both busy and occupied with their works. In fact, I’m very much familiar and used to this kind of situation. My mom was a reporter while my dad was a lawyer. They commute every day and endured the long hour travel. Most of the time, they will even work at home, bringing their paperwork and tend to it after dinner time. Though they were so busy with their works, my sister and I never felt bad about it. They make sure that they provide all the things we need. Even watching their child’s game.

Watching Your Child’s Game

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Basketball has been our family’s best friend. My dad actually played basketball during his college days. I even started playing basketball as soon as I learned how to walk. My parents let me play in every league and even enrolled me in every basketball camp available. For my 15 years of life, my parents watched all my basketball game. What I mean about all games is that they have watched every single of it without fail. They supported me all the way.

Child's Game: Why Parents Should Watch It
Child’s Game: Why Parents Should Watch It

Watching Child’s Game Brought Joy To The Child

The rush of seeing familiar faces in the crowd brought so much joy and inspiration. But what did not come to me is the fact that they are very much occupied with their jobs but still find time to watch my games. Not just until now that I grew older when I realized this truth. The truth that they have to leave work just to watch us since my sister also plays basketball. They have to endure the bad snowstorm and even forget their own personal stress just to cheer me and my sister on our games. What even makes those days very challenging is when my sister and I have the same game schedules. They have to conquer everything just to be there on our game. Name it, whether it is our championship game or just those cute little league game, they were there.

It Boost Children Moral

As I looked back, those wonderful days mean a lot to me. I always wanted to show my dad that I followed and applied all the tips he taught me every morning. He taught me amazing methods every Sunday which was our morning basketball practice. I wanted to show my mom just how much I loved playing basketball I always told her. We also wanted to show them how great I was down the court and better than my sister (sorry, sis, you know I love you). I wanted to make them feel proud.

Child's Game: Why Parents Should Watch It
Child’s Game: Why Parents Should Watch It

In every game, I searched for their faces and each time I spotted them know how much they are proud of me. Each time I made a great shot, I looked upon my dad and will saw his thumbs up. I can even hear my mom’s roar from the crowd! Just like an aspect of my life, I know that I can rely on them. That amazing assurance actually got stuck on me even until now.

I know it’s not that easy to squeeze in those games. Parents were busy with their jobs so as to make ends meet. Now, parents, if your child has a game and he said that it’s fine not to watch him, don’t listen to him. Watch your child’s game. Make sure to find the time and give the effort to watch every single game of your kids. And just in case you can’t be there, at least try. I don’t actually remember a lot of birthday gifts or even just how many cookies I have eaten before dinner time. But all I remembered until these days, were the faces of my parents, beamed with joy as they watch my games. This is the reason why it is important to watch your child’s game.

Child's Game: Why Parents Should Watch It

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