Core Stability Training Equipment For Older Adults

core strength equipment

Key Facts. Core Strength Equipment Ltd is an independent business which incorporated on 14 March 2017 having the incorporated office at Bough, East Riding of Yorkshire. Core Strength Equipment Ltd was incorporated by Investec Group plc, one of the leading investment groups in the UK. Currently, there are 2 active directors based on the latest confirmation statement filed on 14th March 2020.

Services Provided by the Company

Training Equipment

The main company’s focus is on providing quality and effective core strength equipment and services through a combination of personal training and in-house instruction. It also offers a wide range of services related to fitness and wellbeing. In line with these services, the company will continue to innovate and introduce new products and technologies. The Company will continue to use its long-term relationship with the U.S.-based National Academy of Sports Medicine (NAR) as a platform for product development and consultation. NAR provides certified professional guidance for athletes and other healthcare professionals who need to maintain optimum performance.

The Company will continue to expand the breadth of core strength equipment services it offers. In addition to core strength equipment, the Company will continue to promote overall health and fitness through nutrition, exercise science, and psychology. Through these 2 strategic directions, the Company will continue to deliver innovative and effective services to people from all backgrounds. Core Fitness is committed to delivering high-quality and effective products and services to people of all ages.

Key Features Include 

Training Equipment

The key features of core sliders and Ab machines are power and versatility. The PowerCores machine offers resistance bands that provide a unique and dynamic core workout. The resistance bands can be used to target different areas of the body. Ab machines provide great flexibility and are a reliable way to improve core strength and muscle tone.

Products Offered by the Company

One of the newest products in the CrossRef family is the CrossRef Pro Orthopedic Sliding Board. The CrossRef Pro orthopedic sliding board machine is a durable, fully motorized unit that offers a low-impact workout. The Pro Orthopedic Sliding Board offers a variety of core stability exercises and low-intensity workouts for older adults and toddlers. The machine offers a simple design and easy assembly. Some models have motors that allow them to be portable.

The CrossRef XLS is a lightweight, multi-task machine that offers the same core stability exercise benefits as the larger CrossRef line. The XLS also offers a variety of customized workouts using one or more of the key features of the CrossRef Pro Orthopedic Sliding Board. Some models have motors that enable them to be portable. Some models have optional resistance bands for additional weight-training options. The XLS is an affordable option for those who are looking for a simple, affordable way to get a full-body workout.

Another important addition in the CrossRef family is the CrossRef Pro Orthopedic Core Trainer. The CrossRef Pro Orthopedic Core Trainer is intended for use by older adults and can offer great core strengthening results. The CrossRef Pro Orthopedic Core Trainer has features similar to the CrossRef Pro Sliding Board, including pre-assembled weights, but it also provides an advanced diagnostic system that can measure total body strength and body-fat percentage.

Final Words

Older adults and those with physical disabilities are sure to benefit from using the new core strength equipment that is now available. This core strength equipment is designed to improve core stability and overall posture. Using this type of fitness equipment is a great way to improve your core stability. Core stability is important because it prevents injuries and poor posture, which can result in pain and injury. If you are concerned about your core stability, or you are suffering from pain or discomfort in your core, it is time to invest in one of these innovative products. It is important to remember that everyone is different and therefore results will vary from person to person.

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