Eat Quality Foods while Diet

Trial study about diet quantity and quality


If you have been dieting all your life then you should know that quantity is the key to gain the results of your diet plan. You should know by now that the content and amount of your diet plan should be strictly followed in order to obtain the best results.

But a new study by Jama had actually made a lot of heads turn. It was found that people who have cut back on added whole grain and sugar and eat more vegetables and fruits actually lost a significant amount of weight as compared to those who have restricted diet plan. The amount of weight was, in fact, higher as compared to those who are with food restrictions over a course of one year.

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Diet Quality, Not Quantity For Successful Results
Diet Quality, Not Quantity For Successful Results

The Actual Diet Trial

The diet actually worked to those people who are into low fats or low carb diet plan and doe not affect as to whether based on their genetics or genes reactions. The recent study showed that the results were successful not because of the quantity of the food they have taken but based on the quality. According to Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist and dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, processed foods should be avoided like canned goods and by drinking sugary beverages at all times. This is the main key to gain a successful result.

“This is the best way to prevent obesity in the United States,” said Dr. Mozaffarian.

The said research study was led by Christopher D. Gardner, the director of nutrition studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and it was one expensive trial. It provided funds to National Institutes of Health, the Nutrition Science Initiative and other groups that have over more than 600 people. With this study trial, they have provided data and studies that quality could affect the diet plan as to based only on the quantity alone.

How It Worked

The dieticians have tested the trial among obese and overweight people by having low carbs and low-fat diet plan. These professionals have provided tailored diet plan according to and based on the present health condition of each participant. They have split these people into two groups. One in low carb plan while the other group was in the low-fat diet plan. They were trained to cook their meals at home as much as possible. They should avoid processed food like form eating in restaurants and fast food chains. Each group was given a different plan. Like for example, the low carb was more into fruits and vegetables. While the low-fat group was more into whole grain stuff. Both groups were asked to avoid processed food and sugary drinks.

Diet Quality, Not Quantity For Successful Results
Diet Quality, Not Quantity For Successful Results

The Results

They were also asked to continue their activities even without increasing each one. While in the study, dieticians encouraged and discussed the effect of the diet plan for each group and how it could affect their behaviors and attitudes in the future. The researchers also taught them the effects and even the benefits. But what made the trial diet success is that they don’t give any restrictions. If the participants wish to eat have a treat once a week. These people just need to have an option. They will feel full the entire day and do not crave for any unhealthy choices of food. “There are no strict guidelines to follow,” Dr. Gardner said.

The results varied. Some gained weight while most of them even lose 50-60 pounds. What made those participants see is the importance of eating healthier options.

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