Fitness Sports Bottle For Continuous Nutrients Supply

Fitness Sports Bottle For Continuous Nutrients Supply

Fitness is what everyone is looking for these days. To be fit and healthy is what everyone is running for. Be it while working or doing other stuff, people tend to balance their food and nutrients to work with their daily routine. Athletes always try their best to manage work and diets. To them, fitness is the key to success. The level of fitness sometimes depends upon the type of sports you are involved with.

Fitness Dual Sports Bottle

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The fitness dual sports bottle is an awesome product. It blends drinks and nutrients for every phase of the game. This sports bottle lets you prepare your drinks quickly for providing you energy before and after the game. It helps you to recover from your workouts and actions performed.

Top-Notch Product For Nutrients Supply

The product is made of America’s premium quality. It helps you to make your recovery drinks faster. As a result, you can give more time to your workouts. This fitness dual sports bottle shaker is leak-proof and very easy to use. All you have to do is fill the bottle with your ingredients from both the sides and then sha9ke properly. The best part of this bottle is that you can carry two items at the same time in this bag. This feature is a great upgrade from the bottles which could only carry a single drink at a time. The product weighs around 0.27 kg and has a dimension of 24×11×11 cm.

Fitness Sports Bottle For Continuous Nutrients Supply
Fitness Sports Bottle For Continuous Nutrients Supply


The fitness dual sports bottle shaker is a perfect bottle for you when you are doing the gym, running or driving. The product is easy to use and also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The product is very useful when you are traveling for long distances.

The product basically works in a simple way. It is basically carrying two different drinks together in one single bottle. You can put the same drinks in both places or different drinks. The choice is up to you. Just for the sake of ideas, you can put drinks on one side and snacks on the other side. You can also add ice or raw supplements on one side and milk on the other side. This feature is very effective and is very helpful for people who are having a very busy schedule each and every day.  This feature saves you time and helps you follow your food meal properly.

The fitness dual sports bottle shaker is a portable device. You can easily carry it on your bags from place to place. People who often tend to forget their pre and post-workout drinks, can use this sports bottle shaker to carry them both to their workplace and consume whenever required.

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