Get Sweaty With This Sandbell Workout

Get Sweaty With This Sandbell Workout

Whether you are an avid gym-goer or a beginner into working out, a sandbell workout is going to help you out. The sandbell is a multipurpose free weight available in filled and unfilled models with weights ranging between 2 pounds and 50 pounds.

It offers the advantages of slam-ball power training; sandbag weighted training and kettlebell strength training. It helps with wrist strength and grip because it does not have a handle. It is quite strong, which means you can use it for tosses and slams either indoors or outdoors as per your desire.

Get Sweaty With This Sandbell Workout
Get Sweaty With This Sandbell Workout

Adding A Sandbell Workout Into Your Regular Exercise Regimen

When it comes to adding a sandbell exercise to your regular workout regimen, the path might be different for workout newbies, occasional gym-goers, and fitness veterans. Have a look below:

Using a sandbell would be safer for you to start with multi-joint compound training with weight. This form of training can be highly effective in getting the heart rate impelling, in building slender muscles and in increasing metabolism. Since you are new to learning the right way of moving your body, using a sandbell would be better for you instead of going for the hard metal free weights. Also, a sandbell can be gripped easily and is pliable and soft at the same time. Movements you can try out are:

  • Hug it tightly to your chest for indulging in squats.
  • Rest the sandbell on your shoulder for effective lunges.
  • Put it on the ground for developing control.

Sandbell Workout For The Occasional Gym Enthusiasts

It would be a good idea for you to go for unconventional training devices if you are looking to train for unusual activities. Choosing a sandbell would be the right way of complementing a regimen that shall prepare you for unexpected hindrances in the obstacle-course race. You can activate more muscles as well as move strongly with each activity by using the forceful weight of the sandbell. There are different movements you can practice as a gym-goer with a sandbell. These include:

  • Using sandbell for performing renegade rows
  • Tossing it over the shoulder and running sprints
  • Throwing it up in the air in between burpee sets
Get Sweaty With This Sandbell Workout
Get Sweaty With This Sandbell Workout

Sandbell Exercise For Fitness Veterans

For fitness veterans, it would be a good decision to incorporate sandbell exercises. The soft exteriors and dynamic weight of this tool make it safer to be integrated for great results. Workout staples you can try out using a sandbell include:

  • Performing sandbell slams after working out on a treadmill
  • Resting it on the legs for amping up strength while doing bench dips
  • Using it for a combined burpee, overhead press, and deadlift

Regardless of what your fitness goals are, make sure to have plans in hand before you verge out into performing sandbell exercises. This can help you in setting realistic objectives and in using the tool in a more useful manner.

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