Get Your Leg Day At Home: 4 Exercise


Every individual requires string legs for life. Your legs will help you in hiking up mountains, riding bikes on boardwalks, jumping into lakes, and in the running through parks. But building your legs to be strong enough to do all these things is not an easy task. You need to get into a good workout routine to ensure you have resilient legs. The good news here is you do not need to pay a heavy amount at a gym or buy specialized tools for this. Perhaps, with a few dumbbells and bodyweight, you can get your perfect leg day right at home. Here’s how:

Get Your Leg Day At Home: 4 Exercise
Get Your Leg Day At Home: 4 Exercise
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Leg Day Workout: Bird Dog

Bird dog is an exercise that will warm up the core and the legs and get the butt muscles firing. Get in a tabletop posture with the knees and hands on the mat. Now spread the fingers wide while engaging your abdomen muscles. Start inhaling and reach out to your right arm and left leg. Pause to feel the glutes, rear, delts, and back engage. Get back into tabletop posture and change by lifting the right leg and the left arm. Practice twelve repetitions for best results.

Leg Day Workout: Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are speciality squats that offer strong quads, outer thighs, and booty. For newbies into working out, it would be fine to try out this exercise without a dumbbell. You need to start by standing with the feet wider than the hips. Your toes should be pointed at 45 degrees. Get one dumbbell out right in front of the chest. Now engage the abdomen muscles while squeezing the shoulder blades. Inhale and bend the knees while sitting the hips back and again into a squat. Exhale while standing up. Repeat the exercise 15 times and find great results.

Chair Pistol

Chair pistol is one exercise that will challenge the thighs, core, and glutes to create good strength in the lower half of your body. To practice this exercise, you will have to sit on a chair with the feet together. Try reaching your arms while engaging the abs. Take your left foot up and then straighten the legs in front. Now press into the right foot while exhaling and standing all the way up. You should remain in this posture while your left leg is still lifted. Now inhale slowly and lower your body back down in sitting position.

Get Your Leg Day At Home: 4 Exercise
Get Your Leg Day At Home: 4 Exercise

Single-Leg Deadlift

Single-leg deadlift is a stability workout that will offer you strong hamstrings, calves, glutes, and hips. Start by standing with the hands gripping the ends of a dumbbell. Now use your abs while squeezing the shoulder blades in one place. Point the left toes on the ground with bodyweight entirely on the right foot. Next, inhale while lifting the left leg. You need to lower the torso forward and further down., make sure your back is straight and the shoulders are back all the time. Return to the standing position while exhaling and squeezing the glutes.

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