Healthy Living With Your Fitness Band Smartwatch

Healthy Living With Your Fitness Band Smartwatch

Nutrients are an essential part of our staying healthy, and there’s no denying the fact. But, with the modern lifestyle, is that all that you need to keep yourself fit and going? Yes, there used to be a time when we wouldn’t care this much, but time changes and so does the various factors. Today, in this smart age, with all the smart gadgets around, why would you leave your health out? Here’s a great fitness band smartwatch that is perfect for every person who leads a busy life, not just to keep track of time, but also to track the health progress.

Fitness Band Smartwatch – A Complete Review

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The fitness band smartwatch is just what the name suggests it to be. A smartwatch with the capabilities of a fitness band incorporated. Now, we have come across plenty of other similar stuff over the years, haven’t we? So, what makes this one special? Let’s begin by checking out the specs.

Specifications And Features

The fitness band smartwatch comes with the following features and specifications.

  • RAM: 128MB and ROM: 128MB
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with both Android (4.4 and above) and iOS (9.0 and above)
  • 3” display with 240X240 IPS resolution color screen
  • Battery: 110mAh polymer
  • Activity tracker and monitor (heart rate, blood pressure, steps, sleep, motion)
  • Bluetooth sync
  • Call, SMS, music control, notifications, and other synced functions available.

What I Liked (Pros)

  • The watch looks really great, is trendy, easy to use design and comes with a dedicated app to control its features from the Smartphone, known as “DaFit.”
  • The waterproof feature is really handy since, unlike mobiles, we cannot protect the watch from water splashes at all times.
  • The display is not too large, but not clumsy either, and the options are shown such that it is easy to select them.
  • Syncing ability with the mobile makes it efficient in managing calls, text messages, notifications, and even music.
  • Health feature covers almost all major grounds including heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, steps counter, motion detector, and sleep monitor. You can easily keep track of your regular activities.
  • It comes at an extremely affordable rate.

What I Did Not Like (Cons)

  • The body is not made of metal and gives off a cheap plastic feel at times. Though it is quite durable, I would have preferred it to have a metal body variant, maybe at a little higher price, if necessary.
  • The watch cannot work independently and needs to be synced with the mobile at all times.
  • The Bluetooth range is decent, but nothing really worth mentioning, which is a bit of a downside to me, especially since I often keep my mobile to charge and walk to another room.


At this rate, this is the perfect fitness band smartwatch available. Whether you are an Android user or using the iPhone, this watch can be your best companion.

Nutrients That You Need

If you are planning on keeping your body fit, besides continuing the exercises with this watch on, you will also have to count your calories and nutrients you are taking. It should always be a balanced diet, though a high-protein diet is perfect for those who are planning on getting into the showbiz industry.

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