Muscle Energy Technique Explained

Muscle Energy Technique Explained

At this time, the muscle energy technique is a new emerging aspect of manual therapy. It makes use of gentle muscle contractions to offer relief to the patients. In addition, the major advantages of the therapy include muscle relaxation, lengthening of muscles, and normalizing of joint muscles. Moreover, this technique is used majorly by sports therapists, osteopaths, and even some physiotherapists.

Guide to the Muscle Energy Technique

MET based on the theory of reciprocal inhibition. Therefore, as per this concept, when a particular muscle contracts, its opposite muscle relaxes.Hence, MET allows the patient to stretch and contract the affected muscles. 

Muscle Energy Technique Explained
Muscle Energy Technique Explained

Muscle Energy Technique: Benefit

MET works on the joint needs to work as per its principle and its full range of motion. However, if it is not done, it will reduce the function of the said joint. Also, it will increase the risk of muscle injuries. Let us read about the advantages of MET:

  • Therapists can apply this technique safely to any kind of joint in the human body.
  • Athletes make use of this technique as a guard against any muscle injury.
  • Individuals who suffer from facet joint dysfunction make use of this technique.
  • And, the technique is beneficial for pain areas such as shoulder pain, sciatica, hips, and arms pain.

Reciprocal Inhibition

This technique works on the principle of body dynamics. Hence, this means that when a muscle contracts, the opposing muscle has to relax. Your brain is wired to understand this way of muscle working. Moreover, this makes a particular technique to work effectively. The muscle that it affects lies in the mid-position.

Indications of muscle energy technique

You can use muscle energy techniques with any exercise and situation. The criteria are to lengthen and relax the muscles f your body. The techniques are common among athletes. They practice these muscle techniques every day for preventing future injuries.

Muscle Energy Technique Explained
Muscle Energy Technique Explained


There are various benefits of muscle energy techniques. Therefore, these techniques used by patients with problems on shoulders, back, and necks, and also, by professional athletes.Moreover, doctors recommend many people with scoliosis or uneven muscle to practice it regularly.

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