Nutrients In Mayonnaise


The creamy white has replaced the fiery red. Tomato ketchup the long-lasting king of dressings and condiments has lost its top spot to Mayonnaise the fancy dip. Mayonnaise is a nutrient-rich buttery dollop of creamy goodness. It can add lip-smacking flavors to any dish and set your tongue with delight.

Fun Facts About Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise, the name is from ‘Moyeu’ is an old French word for egg yolk. The primary ingredient of mayonnaise is an egg, it’s an emulsion of oil made dense with egg and flavor it with salt, vinegar or lemon, and a bit of mustard. The vegetarian and vegan alternative is also available in the market, from milk or soy derivatives with added oil, spices, and preservatives. Add some preservatives and acids to the emulsion increase its shelf life and also manage to kill harmful bacteria present in food.

Nutrients In Mayonnaise
Nutrients In Mayonnaise

Nutrient Facts About Mayo

How Is Mayonnaise Made

  • 13 grams of this dip a spoonful contains a whopping 90 calories contrary to the belief it is a healthy addition to the diet.
  • There is no doubt that it is high in fat but it is comparatively negligible when compared with most of the main course dishes
  • It is a rich source of sodium and contains almost 50% of the daily recommended amount
  • It is an excellent source of nutrients and vitamin E and K giving you gorgeous skin.
  • Using egg yolks to make the mix is pasteurized.
  • Contrary to the belief mayonnaise has quite a good shelf life with all the added acids and preservatives which kill the harmful bacteria’s too.

Add It To Your Desserts And Food

  • The smoothy creamy and fulfilling spread is an excellent addition to everyday food from sandwiches, salads to several main course dishes. 
  • Mayonnaise makes an excellent base for several fancy sauce and dressings that add zing to your delicacies. Combined with pickled onion and cucumber it makes tartar sauce.
  • A raunchy dressing can be made with mayonnaise, minced onion, and buttermilk.
  • Mayonnaise makes fancy marination to almost all kinds of food be it paneer for vegetarians or a good section of chicken breast for the chicken lovers.
  • 70 percent of the population in the Europe region has it as a spread or dressing in their everyday diet.
  • It goes well with almost all the diet trends and adds the zingy taste to the boring plate of raw vegetables or fancy salads.

Nourishes Your Body Inside Out

  • It not only nourishes the body but the hairs too. If you are back from a vacation and have dry frizzy hairs look no further mayonnaise is the best solution for your locks. Just applies a generous amount of plain mayonnaise on the lengths of your hairs. Voila, post 45 minutes you get smooth and shiny tresses.
  • It can add a glow to your face gently exfoliating the dead skin cells. It helps cleanse the pores giving you cleaner and soft skin. Just make a thin paste of mayonnaise, lemon juice, and rose water, apply the mixture on your cleansed face with the help of an applicator and wash it off post 30 minutes.
Nutrients In Mayonnaise
Nutrients In Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise Is Good For Skin Too

  • If you are a nature lover growing your own nursery at home. Try rubbing a bit of plain mayonnaise on the leaves and you would love the shine on the leaves. The buttery mix gives your plants freshness of a new leaf.
  • Mayonnaise can be your weapon for professional cleaning. It will neatly clean up your painted walls without affecting the base colors. It gently removes the dirt or stains on it.
  • With innumerable benefits, anything that’s so yummy has a bit of con too. The flavor and mouthfeel have many fans worldwide. However, it is high in calories moderation is the key to a healthy you.
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