Personal Trainer Cost, Hiring Benefits And More

Personal Trainer Cost

When hiring a personal trainer, it is important to know exactly what the fees cover and what the fees include. Personal trainers in London range in price from a few pounds for a basic private one to thousands of pounds for some of the most expensive trainers in the world.

Personal trainers in London generally charge on average from about fifty to eighty pounds per session, but these charges differ considerably depending on the trainer and their experience. Specialized or experienced trainers will charge from several hundreds of pounds to up to even over a thousand pounds. 

However, these raw costs do not necessarily include hidden costs like travel costs, equipment and other expenses that can add thousands of pounds to a personal trainer’s fee. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about personal trainer price and what else you might want to look for when hiring a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer Cost 

Personal Trainer Cost And Services
Personal Trainer Cost And Services

First and foremost, you need to consider what the personal trainer does. While the training services are usually the same in most cases, this can vary by the nature of the training. For example, a bodybuilding personal trainer might be a member of an organisation that has strict rules as to who can go to an extreme level of bodybuilding and can therefore charge much less for a private coaching session than a personal trainer that is not part of such an organisation. The same goes for a professional trainer that works with people from different ages and fitness levels – their fees might be more expensive because they have access to a wide range of different clients.

When looking for a personal trainer, always ask for references. Don’t just hire a personal trainer based on their website. Take time to visit their workplace and see how they work. If the gym where the trainer works isn’t too crowded, ask how busy they are and if they have enough clients in their office to meet your needs.

Tips To Hire Personal Trainer

Many personal trainers charge by the hour, which means you will pay a flat monthly fee for the whole year. This may be cheaper than a weekly or monthly rate but can also lead to a lot of hidden fees like travel costs. For instance, a personal trainer that travels between London and their other clients could cost you a lot of money if you need him to attend your gym during weekends when it is empty and your fitness is not optimal. A good rule of thumb is to stick to only hire personal trainers who charge by the week.

Another thing you can do to help reduce the personal trainer cost is to get the best training for your needs. While this might seem obvious, it can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds in the long run. Get someone who does more than one kind of exercise and specialize in your sport or fitness goal. If you want to lose weight and improve your cardio workout, get someone who specifically does strength training or interval training for example.


Personal Trainer Cost And Benefits
Personal Trainer Cost And Benefits

You can also lower your personal trainer cost by taking your weight or fitness goals into account when you hire a trainer. Most people who hire a personal trainer do not pay attention to their diet and exercise routine and therefore are paying for all sorts of extra equipment. So look for a trainer who will look at your personal goals and create a fitness plan that meets them in both the short and long term.


Lastly, remember that personal trainers are working with you for a reason – to help you get fit, lose weight and stay fit. So when you book a session with your personal trainer, make sure you choose someone who listens to what you want to achieve and then gives you a professional approach.

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