See How Fitness Activities For Toddlers Can Turn The Things Around

fitness activities for toddlers

Are you looking for fitness activities for toddlers? And want your child to get involved in every fitness activity?

Because of the novel cOVID-19, many recreational centres are closed in order to maintain social distance. And because of covid 19, fitness activities for toddlers have witnessed a significant downfall.

There are different ways by which your family can get active through isolation — outdoor & indoor both.

It’s an easy way for a family to assimilate exercise and movement into any day. Some of the activities can be performed in your apartments and living room.

So, we are here with a list of fitness activities for toddlers that can prove fun exercises. Whether your child performs them on their own or you enjoy it as a family, all these are beautiful ways to stay healthy and keep moving.

List Of Fitness Activities For Toddlers

1. Obstacle Course: Fitness Activities For Toddlers

Fitness Activities

Make a furniture course in the living room or make a course outside with the help of chalk. Add in particular physical or mental challenges and keep them guessing about their healthy brain.

2. Animal Races

Fitness Activities

Hop like a frog or a bunny; waddle & squat like a duck. These fun games will help in achieving fitness among toddlers.

3. Balloon Ball: Fitness Activities For Toddlers

There’re numerous ways by which you can play with balloons. While playing with balloons, try to keep them away from the ground or play a catch game.

It is amongst the best fun and fitness activities for toddlers to keep them engaged. 

4. Follow The Leader

Add energetic movements in fitness activities for toddlers, such as jumping, squatting, and stomping.

5. Dance party: Fitness Activities For Toddlers

Turn the music on and let your child shake their hands and legs. Dancing helps in full-body movement and fills your child with great energy.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Give clues and hide them around your surroundings. Then, let your kids have a sprint to look out for each clue for a reward. The scavenger hunt will groom and nourish the mind of your child.

7. Jumping Jacks: Fitness Activities For Toddlers

Jumping jacks are easy but good for coordination. Also, it’s good for your child’s heart. So if your kids are not sleeping, make them do jumping jacks to tire them out.

8. Parachute

Parents can recreate the parachute kiddie gym at home using sheets. Additionally, each kid takes the end of the sheet or parachute and pumps it upwards while the one runs underneath.

9. Wrestling: Fitness Activities For Toddlers

Play wrestling on a bed, rug, or mat. Watch them out if they can wrestle you to the ground.

Wrestling will exercise your child’s arms, shoulders, and legs and help in gaining more strength.

Conclusion On Fitness Activities For Toddlers

In a nutshell, fitness activities for toddlers will help your child’s physical and mental growth, giving them a free environment.

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