Spell Your Name Workout Is Fun To Do


Do you often think about what workout can I do? Can workout time be fun? Are you frustrated by this question? Well, guess what? It is possible when you do spell your name workout. The only gear you need for this workout is by calling a name. It’s too easy to do, as well. Simply you have to spell your name. After that, do all the things on the list given here as per each letter of your name.

Spell Your Name Workout Is Fun To Do
Spell Your Name Workout Is Fun To Do

Why Is Working Out Vital?

We are well aware that workout is essential in the daily lives of every human out there. However, we may not know why. So, let’s understand how exercise can help you in the long run.

  • Exercise is the right source for your body, mind, and soul.
  • Exercising helps the body to create chemicals that support a person to feel good about themselves. 
  • Exercise will aid in improving our night’s sleep. 
  • When you work out, you will burn out more calories and get a more toned body. Thus, exercising routine can help to maintain healthy body weight.
  • People who are suffering from low self-esteem and mild depression will benefit from the workout. 
  • There will be a lesser risk of developing a few ailments such as type 2 diabetes as well as high blood pressure. 
  • Exercise will help you age well. For instance, osteoporosis happens as people get older, but when you workout, you can be less prone to it. 
  • The workout is good for the heart.
Spell Your Name Workout Is Fun To Do
Spell Your Name Workout Is Fun To Do

Spell Your Name Workout Process

So, all you need is your name, that of course, we all have! Here follow this spell your name workout pattern:

A – burpees 15

B – bench hop overs 20

C – curtsy lunges 30

D – heavy deadlifts 15

E – 1-minute plank

F – frog crunches 25

G – kettlebell swings 30 

H – heavy biceps curls 12

I – inchworm for 1-minute

J – squat jumps 30

K – kettlebell squats 20

L – jumping lunges 20

M – medicine ball slams 30 

N – broad jump burpees 12

O – row for distance or jump squats for 1 minute

P – assisted pull-ups or lat pulldowns on a machine or with a resistance band 12 

Q – high knees 40 

R – .25 mile walk or run. Also, you can do at home plyometrics or high knees for 2 minutes

S – step-ups on a sturdy chair or bench 30

T – toe touch crunches 30

U – heavy biceps curls 12

V – V-ups 20

W – walking lunges 30

X – X-jumps 20

Y – triceps dips 25

Z – skaters 25

Hope this workout routine will help you out in losing extra pounds and stay fit. Set a goal and follow this workout for the coming days. Then keep going till the coming weeks and check how much you progressed. Also, it will give you a real feeling of achievement and satisfaction in achieving your set goal.

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