Women Sports Bra Crop Top With Drawstring Hoodie

Women Sports Bra Crop Top With Drawstring Hoodie

A sports bra crop top is one of the most essential gym gear you can possess. But when it comes to a drawstring hoodie, it also becomes very fashionable. Who says gym wear is boring when you can buy this amazing looking sports bra! Team it up with a pair of leggings and you are ready for your exercise. If you too want to look stylish and fashionable for your gym sessions, then this posture bra crop top is the perfect pick for you.

Some women wear bras which are not very comfortable. They tend to continuously adjust the straps, but this one feels second to your skin. It fits snugly to your body and even enhances your shape. Moreover, the right fabric is also important. Some lacy or tight bras feel very itchy and suffocating. It is necessary to wear properly fitted and breathable fabric bras.

Women Sports Bra Crop Top With Drawstring Hoodie
Women Sports Bra Crop Top With Drawstring Hoodie

Features Of This Sports Bra Crop Top

  • This crop top is made of nylon and spandex mix.
  • It is made from a quick-dry material and if you sweat a lot while exercising, this fabric would dry quickly.
  • This one is a sports brassiere type crop top that can be matched and worn with jeans too.
  • It comes with an adjustable drawstring and hence you can tighten the hoodie or loosen it as needed.
  • This top is perfect for jogging, gym or yoga.
  • It also looks very stylish and yet gives decent coverage.

Perks Of Buying This Sports Bra Crop Top

This multi-functional sports bra crop top is designed in such a way that it can deliver the utmost comfort. It is crafted from high-quality and durable spandex and nylon material. This material dries quickly. It comes with a fashionable hoodie and an adjustable drawstring.

You can cover your head with the hoodie just for fun or leave it hanging at the back. While most of your gym buddies might be wearing a sports bra for exercising, none would have this stylish bra with a drawstring hoodie. Wearing this would definitely raise your style quotient.

Women Sports Bra Crop Top With Drawstring Hoodie
Women Sports Bra Crop Top With Drawstring Hoodie

Where To Buy This Sports Bra Crop Top From?

This sports bra can be purchased from lcpshop.net. This cool e-commerce site sells life-changing products. You can purchase this product easily from the comfort of your home by a mere click of the mouse. The site offers easy shipping and delivery. You can also buy gym pants from this website and get your own gym gear sitting at home. Grab it online soon to enjoy your gym workouts in style.

Cool Ways Of Styling This Sports Bra

There are multiple ways in which you can style this sports bra. When out for a casual day with friends, you can wear this top with a pair of jeans and sneakers. It is perfect for mountaineering, hiking, and other such fun activities. You can wear it with a pair of printed harem pants for dance or yoga sessions. Lastly, this one looks cool even with a pair of skirts for casual dinner outings. It is a very comfortable material. The sports bra is available in 20 x 20 x 20 cm dimensions.

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