The Beginner’s Bodyweight Workout: A 20 Minutes Routine


A bodyweight workout training session is an ultimate guide for reducing body weight. After gaining weight, it almost becomes impossible to work out and reduce weight. Therefore one needs to self motivate and come in the tracks. Reducing weight is not everyone’s cup of tea, but staying persistent can give excellent results. Most of the people have lots of excuses. A common reason is that one cannot leave home. Therefore there is a circuit weight training program for bodyweight workout and reducing weight at home.

What Is A Circuit Weight Training Program For Bodyweight Workout?

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A circuit weight training program is an easy way to come into a workout routine. It comprises several exercises that a person needs to do in sets and circuits. Therefore it gives the best result in lesser time. One needs to follow the course, devote 20 minutes every day, and get the best result. The circuit training burns more calories and gives fast results.

The Beginner's Bodyweight Workout: A 20 Minutes Routine
The Beginner’s Bodyweight Workout: A 20 Minutes Routine

How To Design The Circuit Training For Bodyweight Workout?

One needs to design the circuit as per the body requirement. Like if a person’s body is obese, he must try and incorporate more cardio. If a person is a beginner, he must add 20 bodyweight squats to the circuit. After this, he should do ten push-ups. Continue by making ten walking lunges, and then he should do ten dumbbell rows. Finish the first circuit by doing 15 seconds plank and 30 jumping jacks. For better results, he must finish the whole exercise by doing the course at least three times. Slowly and gradually, he can increase the number of circuits and do it for at least 20 minutes every day.

How To Do The Circuit?

One should do a body warm-up before starting with the circuit. All the exercises in the course must be done one after the other without any break. One can take a thirty to sixty seconds break before starting the next circuit. One must do the circuits until the body doesn’t surrender. A course is not so easy to complete; therefore, it is ok if the body gets tired after a certain period. The beginners can start by doing the circuit thrice a week.

Variations In Circuit Training

Before a person gets bored or the body becomes addictive, it is necessary to add some changes to the training. One can do strength training one day. The other day he can do 20 minutes of interval training. Then he can do the strength training again and follow it by doing interval training. This way, the body will give better results, and the person will also not get bored. Therefore, variations are necessary.

The Beginner's Bodyweight Workout: A 20 Minutes Routine
The Beginner’s Bodyweight Workout: A 20 Minutes Routine


There are various ways to stay fit. But before joining any routine or doing any exercise, it is necessary to get ready for it. One needs to come out of the cocoon and exert the body as much as possible to get into the desired shape. A healthy and fit body is the need of the hour. Therefore one must not avoid its importance and start practicing from today.

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