The Best Dumbbells Of 2019 And Details

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We use Dumbbells for various joint-isolation exercises such as shoulder raises, biceps and triceps curls and chest flyes. If you use dumbbells for a full-body workout, it can increase strength level. It is an integral part of training at the gym. So let’s discuss the seven best dumbbells.

For Newbies: Tone Fitness 20 lb. Hourglass

As a beginner, you should start with lighter dumbbells to avoid injury. The tone fitness 20-pound hourglass dumbbell set consists of 3 pairs of dumbbells (2,3,5 pounds). Additionally, you will get a plastic stand on which you can store them. This shape of dumbbells is very comfortable to hold and secure to grasp for beginners. Though after some time, you move to heavier dumbbells you can keep this to perform lighter weight exercises.

The Best Dumbbells Of 2019 And Details
The Best Dumbbells Of 2019 And Details

AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells

Neoprene-coated dumbbells are rubber coated makes them comfortable to hold, especially in case of sweaty and slippery hands. In addition to that, these dumbbells are colorful that shows a fun part of it. It is up to you to buy one pair or multiples of the amazon basics neoprene dumbbells as various variants available starting from 1 to 20 pounds.

Adjustable Dumbbells: Bowflex SelectTech 560

If you want to save time and space, you can buy Bowflex SelectTech 560 dumbbell. With the help of a turn of the handle, you can adjust them from 1 to 60 pounds according to your needs. The best part is you don’t need to buy heavier dumbbell as you progress. What makes this stay ahead in the race of best dumbbell is its additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, repetition, weight lifted and tracking of calories burned through the Bowflex connect app.

Fill Your Shelf: XMark’s 500 lb. Premium Hex Set

If you want to buy dumbbell for the whole family considering fitness targets of each individual, you should buy this 4’6″ rack in which you will have ten pairs of dumbbells from 5 to 50 pounds. Comfortable handle, rubber casting and high quality cast iron are the clinical features of this type of dumbbell.

The Best Dumbbells Of 2019 And Details
The Best Dumbbells Of 2019 And Details

Perfect Travel Partner: CB Sports Deluxe Travel Dumbbells

If you fear your traveling can hamper your fitness routine, you should keep an eye on CB sports deluxe travel dumbbell. This water dumbbell is very handy, and you can fill as much water as you want according to your needs. It boasts a flexible weight and top-notch black ABS material with guaranteed not to leak.

For Seniors: NuBells Set

This nubile is a customized dumbbell for older age people or the people recovering from injury. This Circularly designed dumbbell evenly distributes weights to help avoid stress during lifting, making them an excellent choice in the race of best dumbbell of 2019. It comes in various weights, and its rubber coating won’t damage your floor.

Pool Exercise: TheraBand Aquatic Hand Bar Weight with Padded Grip

Lifting weights inside water is very much useful due to high water resistance. What makes this dumbbell unique is it floats in water due to its buoyant material, unlike the traditional ones. There are many pool exercises you can try with this, including the floating push-up move.


In this context, we discussed some of the best ones we should buy in 2019. The list included for beginners to the customized dumbbell for family, traveling and older people. So don’t think much, buy any of these to your house and be a fitness freak.

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