The Workout 5×5 Program

The Workout 5x5 Program
The Workout 5×5 Program

Welcome to the new age of workout, which will give importance to rest, recover, and nutrition. It is one of the best training exercises that will train your body and burn your fat, develop your muscle and strength. The principle of this Workout 5×5 plan is that you do five sets each with five repetitions and that too for three days a week. Three days a week may sound intimidating, but this is the best form of exercise as your body gets plenty of rest to recover. Less is more; everyone must have heard this sentence as millennials mostly use it. This form of workout concentrates on your intensity rather than how many days you exercise. In this workout, you train hard for three days and give ample amount of time for the body to recover.

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This form of workout is often known as  Hulk workout; in this, you tend to train like a beast and eat a lot during this process. In 5×5 exercise, you eat more, train less, get stronger, bigger, and leaner. One of the most things to keep in mind in this form of workout is the weights; the weight should be heavy enough so that you can do five reps of 5 sets.

What Does The 5×5 Workout Include?

The Workout 5x5 Program
The Workout 5×5 Program

One the first day, the workout includes barbell squats, barbell bench press, and barbell row. On the second day, we do front barbell squats, standing military press and barbell deadlift and on the last day, we do barbell squats, barbell bench press and bent over barbell press. Each of these workouts must be done in heavyweights, each of five sets and five reps each. This is one of the best ways to gain lean muscle for your body. This form of workout is a high-intensity workout which will drain your body entirely, so it’s essential to eat right. It will be best if you take some supplements with it so that you can train better, a pre-workout before starting the workout is recommended. People wishing to gain mass can take protein to bulk up.

Benefits Of 5×5 Workout Plan

The intense 5×5 workout is a strength training program which mainly includes squat, bench press, barbell row, and deadlifts mostly. This form of exercise increases our strength and muscle mass. The magnitude of muscle gain mass varies from person to person, depending on their age, sec gender, etc.

  • This form of exercise improves our strength. Picking up heavy bags and groceries will become easier.
  • Your muscles will become stronger and more significant as you are going to lift heavy weights. In this form of workout, we tend to gain 24 pounds of lean muscle in less than a year.
  • The more you lift, the more energy you will burn, which means you burn more fat. Your metabolism will increase, which will make you lose fat without even doing cardio.
  • It not only works on your muscles, but it also makes you more flexible and more powerful. Increase in your strength means more power, that means you will be challenging to beat.
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