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tips voor fitness

Tips Voor Fitness was a DVD that had gotten a lot of attention in the market as it provided a good set of guidelines for fitness. It was designed by David Grisaffi and Kamalaska Kumar, two experienced athletes who also happen to be doctors. They used their knowledge and expertise from playing tennis to provide their audience with a comprehensive fitness program. This DVD has a total of 45 minutes of DVD material which covers various aspects of fitness.

In this program, you will learn tips on weight loss, stretching exercises and even how to build muscles while losing fat. The two doctors explain how important it is to stretch your muscles before and after any activity and this is something that we often forget. The fact is that it is not just the muscles that are stretched but also tendons and ligaments. Stretching these areas can help reduce the risk of injuries as well as tone your muscles. The use of any equipment like zijibai machines and the treadmill are also recommended to make the exercise more interesting.

What Tips Voor Fitness Contain?

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Tips Voor Fitness includes a DVD called ‘The Missing Secret’ which explains in detail about the foods that you should eat to get fit. This is one of the most important sections in the program. In this section, the doctor gives instructions on how to eat different kinds of food. The different food types that you should consume to include vegetables, fruits and meat. The good thing with the foods is that they are all balanced so there is no one kind of food that you can eat. It is best to combine different kinds of food in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There is also a video section in Tips Voor Health and Fitness wherein Kamalaska Kumar and David Grisaffi demonstrate their tips on an exercise called the eet voldoende. This is another good workout that strengthens the leg muscles. The name of the exercise is ‘periyapalayam’. It is a Sanskrit term that means ‘to stand on one leg’. The exercise also strengthens the abdominal and oblique muscles, which are helpful in bodybuilding.

Another exercise that the Tips Voor Health and Fitness DVDs introduce to you is get unborn. This exercise is done by attaching weights to the legs and making them sway back and forth like a swaying tree. This is an effective exercise for improving posture, balance and flexibility.

Other Exercises In The Tips Voor Fitness

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One of the exercises in the Tips Voor Health and Fitness DVD set is geet een doe. This exercise is known as a ‘powerhouse’ because it requires the user to do many repetitions of the same weight. For example, to lift a hundred and fifty pounds, the user would have to lift this hundred and fifty pounds over again, for seven hundred and twenty-one repetitions. That is why it is ideal for weight loss purposes. To get the best results from this exercise, the user should start off slowly and increase the repetitions progressively.

Ancient Bovendien Technique

Then there is the ancient bovendien technique known as ‘bovine levitation’. You have probably heard of this exercise already. In this exercise, a bucket of water is filled with oxygen and two buckets of water containing bovine growth hormone (bGH). The two buckets are then alternated. In other words, the first bucket contains bGH while the second bucket contains the oxygen.

Final Thoughts

An interesting aspect of the tips Voor Health and Fitness DVD set is the training of a special ‘elves’ called pollen. These doe lens wear a white robe similar to that worn by the elves of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. They are instructed to sprinkle a certain kind of powder around the body of every dozen they meet. This magical powder, apparently, helps a dozen to increase his strength and flexibility. It also increases his body mass.

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