Top Essential Pole Fitness Clothes And Top

pole fitness clothes and tops

This article talks about some of the most common pole fitness patterns for 2021. If you’re looking for pole fitness apparel this year, look no further than this list.

In recent years, pole fitness apparel has become even more commercial, appealing to men and women of all shapes and sizes. Joining a pole dancing class is not the same as going to the gym. Pole apparel has really stepped up the game in recent years, with a slew of new brands pushing the sport to the next level.

When you first start pole dancing, it’s crucial to find comfortable clothes to wear while exercising before you start worrying about competition outfits (though there’s no harm in searching for inspiration!).

So, if you’re looking for some pole dancing fashion basics, scroll down to see some of the most recent pole fashion web trends.

Everyday Workout Tops

A person riding skis down a sidewalk

As a pole dancer, you’ll need at least one casual tank top/vest top that you can wear repeatedly. Since you’ll be working out, a top made of breathable material is a smart idea.

Your tank top should be tailored or semi-fitted; it should not be floaty or loose in any way, as this would interfere with inversions, etc.

Design tops with motifs, racer-back tops, halter-neck tops, activewear, and yoga wear are all options.

Pole Dancing Shorts

a person dancing on a pole

Pole workout shorts are a must-have item of clothes. Pole dancers use them to grab the pole with their thighs, and certain tricks are impractical without them!

Again, your shorts should be tailored, as loose or baggy shorts/culottes can get in the way and make you very aware of your clothes flapping about!

Look for cycling shorts, yoga shorts, or short running shorts made of breathable material when shopping for pole dancing shorts.

Fancy Tops

Many pole dancers want to dress up their pole dancing costumes and will normally have a comfortable tank top or two to wear to pole dancing lessons. You should reserve your finer fitness clothes for lessons or take pictures of your new tricks if you wear your everyday tank tops for general at-home practice.

There are several brands that produce and sell exquisitely made pole dancing tops.

Fancy Pole Dancing Shorts

Again, you’ll need a pair of fancy shorts for any time you want to dress up for pictures or a pole dancing lesson. If you succeed in your pole fitness quest, you’ll find yourself attracted to shiny pole fitness clothes like a moth to a blaze!

Sports bras

Pole dancers must wear sports bras. Wearing a wired bra when pole dancing is not recommended because it can be awkward and restricting while doing tricks and combos. Sports bras are a safer choice, and if you’re brave enough, you can wear one with shorts instead of underneath your skirt!

There are tons of sports bras available in a variety of forms, styles, and styles.


Both pole dancers should think about getting a costume! You should dress up for Halloween, choreograph a dance to execute in your outfit, plan a photoshoot, or teach a themed lesson just for fun! Having a costume available is a lot of fun, and there are several choices available, depending on the theme, of course!

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