Types Of Sports That Promote Weight Loss


Racket sports aren’t just fun, but they may add years to your life helping you live longer. They offer an excellent cardiovascular exercise and also improve blood circulation providing both upper- and lower-body muscle activation promoting weight loss. The sport can be played by one and all through all walks of life and can be modified to fit most preferences. It heightens fitness levels and you don’t need any equipment to perform it. so its a win-win situation for you.

Types Of Sports That Promote Weight Loss and Work All Over The Body
Types Of Sports That Promote Weight Loss and Work All Over The Body
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Weight Loss With Mind And Body Games

Racket sports, unlike any other fitness sports, offer lateral movement. The better part of our lives is spent moving forward, including our exercise. Nevertheless, Racket sports requires you to e active and on your toes throughout the game. It involves running both back and forth and side to side rather than vertical movement. This enhances balance and weight shifting, which can drastically lower your risk of falls and improves your mobility.

Racket Sport

Racket Sports is one of the rare activity that exercises your mind too. It intensifies your cognitive skills. It also sharpens your decision-making skillset improving the connection between grey matter in your brain. You must continuously anticipate and execute your next shot, and that’s a treat for your brain.

It also serves as a social component connecting you to people. You may choose to play single or part of doubles. As long as you enjoy the game, it can be played in multiple ways while other exercises like swimming, running, or cycling are more isolated or solo activities. However, Studies reveal regular social contact is essential for a long and healthy life. Isolation can be associated with functional deterioration and an amplified risk of brain-related disorders. It may as well trigger death among adults with age more than 65.


There are numerous variations of racket sports. One of the most loved is pickleball. It’s a heterogeneous version that blends the backyard tennis with table tennis. It travels about one-third the speed of a tennis ball hence is more comfortable to hit. Pickleball can be played both outdoors as well as indoors. The court is about double the size of the badminton court.  

Types Of Sports That Promote Weight Loss and Work All Over The Body
Types Of Sports That Promote Weight Loss and Work All Over The Body

The basic rules of Racket Sports:

The ball served must land in the diagonally opposite court. The contrary court should be at least a 10-foot area by the net. Once the ball bounced and has been returned by serving team volleying may continue with bounces or without as well only if participants are outside of the net area. Points are scored primarily only by the serving team. It is played up to 1 point with two-point spread winning the game.

Adapt Active Lifestyle

Recent research shows racket sports,  aerobics, cycling, swimming, soccer, and running. The study included over 80,000 people, of age ranging from 30 to 98. The investigation continued for nine years. The conclusions favored sports. People who regularly played racket sports were 67%  less likely to die of cardiovascular disease.

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