Why Parents Should Do Indoor Fitness Activities For Kids

indoor fitness activities

Indoor fitness is important to everyone but kids especially, because a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. If you don’t exercise and eat right then you will feel fat and unattractive. This is why it is crucial that children see a doctor regularly so he or she can be properly diagnosed and get treatment for any health problems. Kids need to develop a love of fitness so they never grow up to be obese and get heart ailments later in life.

Different Indoor Fitness Activities For Kids

There are lots of indoor fitness activities for kids that can help them burn calories, grow strong and improve their overall health. One of the best things about these activities is that they don’t require too much from your child which keeps the cost down. Some of the most popular indoor fitness activities for kids are jumping ropes, running, weight training and even martial arts. There are even some yoga workouts for kids that they can do at home.

Jumping Jack

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Jumping jacks are one of the best indoor fitness activities for kids that they can do. Because kids have no real way to measure how much they are jumping, the only thing they can do is to estimate how high they can reach without hurting themselves. To encourage this they usually strap a bar across their chest to make it easier to jump up and down. Jumping jacks are great for kids because they are fun, they exercise the muscles in their arms and legs and they burn tons of calories.


Running is another good way for kids to develop cardiovascular fitness and they can do this indoors or outdoors. It is another great physical activity that doesn’t require too much from your kid and they will benefit greatly. It is also an aerobic activity that will allow them to stay fit and healthy. Another benefit of running is that your kids will be working out with others so it is socially acceptable for them to do so.

Push-Ups And Sit-Ups

Push-ups and sit-ups are two more great fitness exercises for children. When push-ups are done with full body weight they will work the abdominal muscles very effectively. When doing sit-ups with only one person they will focus only on the abs. Both of these workouts are excellent because not only do they work the muscles in the abdominals, but they also strengthen the core muscles that support the spine.

Other Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises like jogging, walking, cycling and stair climbing are all good forms of aerobic workouts for kids. They are low impact and can be done by one person or two people. These workouts are excellent for improving cardiovascular fitness and they also will burn lots of calories. They can even be used indoors if there is an available space for indoor exercise in your home.


All of these indoor activities for kids can be done quickly and you can get started with them right away. Most of them are fun activities that you and your kids will enjoy doing together. It’s also good to start kids out when it comes to fitness because they might need a little encouragement to continue. By starting them young kids can build up their self esteem and they will feel better about themselves if they are more fit.

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