Your 9-Minutes Core Workout (Bodyweight Only)


A 9-minute core workout is necessary for everyone to stay fit and healthy. Our body is a fantastic machine that is capable of doing a variety of hardcore works quickly. But to let it work efficiently, it is necessary to do some core workout. Abdomen, pelvis, hips, and the lower back is our core body parts. One can do plenty of work without getting tired if the core body is healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to do a 9-minutes of core body exercise. Some common core exercises are push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches for the abdomen. These exercises are called core exercises because they use the trunk of the body without any support.

Your 9-Minutes Core Workout (Bodyweight Only)
Your 9-Minutes Core Workout (Bodyweight Only)

9-Minutes Core Workout Exercises

T-push-up: This is the name that might sound simple, but it is not a simple exercise. Furthermore, no core exercise is simple, but a few reps of such activities are sufficient to give the desired result. For doing the T-pushup, the trainee needs to start from the push-up position. The next step is to do the push-up and while pushing the body upward lift the right arm. While lifting the arm, rotate the whole body. This is also known as the side plank position. On the next rep lift up the left hand, therefore, it is useful for a whole core workout.
Sit-up: The trainee needs to sit on his hips places the hand behind the head. He must also hold the ground firmly with feet and bend the knees. After coming into the position slowly lower the back down and lift the body. This is a perfect core exercise for beginners.
Squat jump: In this exercise, the trainee needs to come into the squat position first. After that, he needs to jump and again go into the squat position. While jumping, he needs to lift his hands so that he can jump as much as possible. Therefore, to get the perfect result, it is necessary to do the squats correctly.

Some More 9-Minute Core Workout

Side plank with leg raise: In this exercise, the trainees need to first come into the side plank position and later lift the leg. The body needs to be straight during the entire task to get better results. Therefore more reps will give faster results.
Burpee: This exercise is a mix-match of several activities. The trainee must start by standing straight. Now, after taking a jump, he must bend down and touch the ground. While reaching the ground, push the legs back and come into the mountain pose. Now, bring the legs in front and jump to go into the standing position. However, one must be a little cautious while performing this exercise as it needs high muscle strength.

Your 9-Minutes Core Workout (Bodyweight Only)
Your 9-Minutes Core Workout (Bodyweight Only)


All of the above exercises are highly recommended for core training. Therefore, the trainees can make a circuit of these exercises and do them in reps for 9 minutes. Moreover, they will get the desired result in no time. One must also keep in mind that proper diet and lifestyle are also necessary for quick results. No matter how much a person workout, but if he or she ignores adequate nutrition, then good health shall be a far-fetched dream.

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