Your 9-Minute Total-Body Resistance Band Workout


Total-body resistance band workout is perfect for those who like a trimmed body. Not all the weight training can tone the body the way resistant bands can do. Resistant bands are high-quality elastic bands that are perfect for whole-body toning exercises. Therefore one can go for resistant band exercises for proper and better results. These bands also allow its users to do activities in different angles and use gravity as resistance. Users can also use bands to do some innovative exercises and also to recreate traditional activities. Therefore a band can be the most simple and easy to use tool for a total body resistance workout. Here are a few exercises that one can easily do with the bands.

Your 9-Minute Total-Body Resistance Band Workout
Your 9-Minute Total-Body Resistance Band Workout
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Total-Body Resistance Band Workout

Band monster walk- this exercise is perfect for small hips muscles like medius, and minimus. The user needs to put the band around his ankle and start the training by placing the feet together. After this take a big step forward and to the side and bring the leg back. Then repeat the same step with the other leg. The exercise is simple; therefore, it is better to do maximum reps in minimum time for better results.
Band push-up- push-ups are good for core exercises and adding some weight to the training gives much better results. One needs to come into the push-up position and hold the ends of the band with both hands and pull it around the back. Now start with the regular push up. The resistant exercise band will add weight to the body and thus give better results.
Band deadlift- when a person lifts the weight from the ground, then it is a deadlift. Place the band on the ground and press it under the feet and grab the ends of the band with both the hands. Now stand and bend while grabbing the exercise band. One needs to keep in mind to keep the back flat throughout the exercise.

Some More Exercise Using The Band

Band bent over row- this exercise is excellent for back muscles. The trainee needs to step on the band with foot and grab the ends with both hands. Now bend the back and lift the sides as much as possible. Moreover, try and touch the ribs with hand when coming back. Furthermore, don’t use the leg or back to lift the band and also isolate the side throughout the exercise.
Band squat to overhead press- the user needs to press the band with feet and hold both the ends of the hand. Now come into the squat position and go back to the original standing position. While standing up, pull the band over the head and stretch as much as possible. This exercise is best for toning the body and coming n shape quickly. Therefore one must do as many reps as possible.

Your 9-Minute Total-Body Resistance Band Workout
Your 9-Minute Total-Body Resistance Band Workout


Not everyone can spend a lot of time in the gym; therefore, using the resistant band is a much better option. A nine-minute resistant band workout is sufficient for giving results in no time. Therefore it is highly recommendable for people who have a busy schedule and less time for workouts.

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